EuroPACT 2014

Pre-Conference Courses on May 6

Separate registration is necessary:
Extra fee EUR 150 (students EUR 75) for each course.
Participation is only possible for conference ticket holders.

Morning Courses 09:30-13:00 h

Course 1: Chemometrics without equations (description available)

Barry M. Wise, Eigenvector Research, Inc., Wenatchee, WA/USA

Course 2: Support Vector Machines (description available)

Jürgen von Frese, Data Analysis Solutions DA-SOL GmbH, Utting/D

Course 3: Particle size monitoring using various techniques (description available)

Oliver Reich, Roland Hass, InnoFSPEC Potsdam/D, Michael Maiwald, BAM, Berlin/D:

Course 4: Spatially resolved spectroscopy: theoretical and chemometrics implementation for PAT (description available)

Fabien Chauchard, Indatech, Prades Le Lez/F; Dimitry Kophar, Lund; Suresh Thennadil, University of Strathclyde, Glasgow/UK

13:00-14:00 h: Lunch for Course Participants


Afternoon Courses on 14:00-17:30 h

Course 5: Introduction to Multivariate Statistical Process Control (MSPC) (description available)

Alberto Ferrer, Universidad Politecnica Valencia/E

Course 6: Multivariate curve resolution (description available)

Anna de Juan Capdevila, University of Barcelona/E; Romà Tauler, Joaquim Jaumot, Spanish National Research Council (CSIC), Barcelona/E

Course 7: End-to-end business process excellence with PAT and QbD (description available)

Jose Cardoso de Menezes, Technical University of Lisbon/P


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