Enzymes for Industrial Applications

Emil Byström, Nordic ChemQuest



"The benefit of using immobilized enzymes in lab scale is now possible to apply in process scale!" 


Wed 4 Feb 2015, 17:00:

A Novel Mass Transfer Concept to Facilitate Enzyme-Catalyzed Reactions - In Process Scale

  • Development of a novel reactor concept using a rotating flow cell
  • SpinChem®:a concept for mass transfer enhancement in reactions involving solid phase reagents
  • Use of the stirring element itself to establish a forced flow through a heterogeneous reactant or catalyst bed (located inside the stirrer body)
  • It's time for process scale


  • 2012: CEO of Nordic ChemQuest AB
  • 2010: Product Development SpinChem®, Nordic ChemQuest AB
  • 2010: PhD at Umeå University:
    Porous polymeric materials for chromatography : Synthesis, functionalization and characterization








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