Enzymes for Industrial Applications



Unlocking the power of biocatalysis

Libragen is a contract research organization specializing in the complete range of biocatalysis services, including:

  • enzyme research programs
  • biocatalytic process development
  • process optimization and intensification
  • small molecule transformations
  • biocatalyst and small molecule production

Whether fine-tuning an existing process or enabling a new one, our services are 100% tailored to our partners and customers objectives. Combining the skills needed to go from laboratory-scale to pilot production, Libragen is fulfilling a market need by giving its customers high performance and competitive synthesis solutions.


By focusing on untapped biodiversity using metagenomic techniques, the company has developed a platform of proven proprietary technologies to identify, validate and produce high added-value enzymes and molecules for industrial, pharmaceutical, chemical, cosmetic and environmental applications. The overall combination of Libragen scientific and production know-how, technology platform and research results, has already achieved a number of successful partnerships in research and production in the fields of cosmetics, pharmaceuticals and fine chemistry. In parallel with these external partnerships, Libragen internal research is building up a pipeline of new active molecules with anti-infectious and anti-cancer applications. Since its acquisition in 2010 by induchem companies (a Swiss supplier of cosmetic ingredients), Libragen has reinforced its structure and organization to increase its business activity as a contract research organization.



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Business Development Manager Biocatalysis

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