New Bioproduction Systems: Electrically and Light-Driven Biosyntheses

Poster Programme


P01 Practical considerations for the direct and indirect coupling of microbiology &

        L.F.M. Rosa, S. Hunger, D. Beyer, F. Harnisch, Helmholtz Centre for Environmental
        Research - UFZ, Leipzig/D

P02 Functional characterization of electroactive biofilms by cytometric fingerprinting
        C. Koch, F. Harnisch, Helmholtz Centre for Environmental Research - UFZ, Leipzig/D;
        U. Schröder, TU Braunschweig/D; S. Müller, Helmholtz Centre for Environmental
        Research - UFZ, Leipzig/D

P03 CO2 reduction to gaseous and liquid products with microbial electrolysis cells
        A. Fuchsbauer, L. Puttinger, M. Haberbauer, S. Martinek, Profactor GmbH, Steyr-Gleink/A

P04 Reaction system to optimize the operational stability of CPO
        T. Krieg, L. Getrey, D. Holtmann, J. Schrader, DECHEMA Forschungsinstitut, Frankfurt
        am Main/D

P05 Mediator driven bioelectrocatalysis and Autodisplay cells - a promising couple
         for the future use of P450 monooxygenases

        F.W. Ströhle, DECHEMA-Forschungsinstitut, Frankfurt am Main/D; E. Kranen, R. Maas,
        Autodisplay Biotech GmbH, Düsseldorf/D; J. Schrader, D. Holtmann, DECHEMA-
        Forschungsinstitut, Frankfurt am Main/D

P06 Screening for new electrosynthetic microbial biocatalysts
        T.C. Rodrigues, M.A. Rosenbaum, RWTH Aachen University/D

P07 Enhanced NAD+ regeneration by combining photochemistry with the laccase
        mediator system

        S. Kochius, DECHEMA-Forschungsinstitut, Frankfurt am Main/D; F. Hollmann,
        TU Delft/NL; J. Schrader, D. Holtmann, DECHEMA-Forschungsinstitut, Frankfurt am Main/D

P08 Development of a bioelectrical cell for converting electric energy to methane
        S. Thiering, R. Pätz, Anhalt University of Applied Science, Köthen/D

P09 Cultivation systems for phototropic organisms
        J. Weber, F. Lenk, F. Krujatz, M. Socher, K. Geipel, G. Hilpmann, R. Illing, T. Bley,
        TU Dresden/D

P10 Electro-enzymatic reactor to overcome thermodynamic limitations
        S. Kochius, M. Paetzold, J. Schrader, D. Holtmann, DECHEMA-Forschungsinstitut,
        Frankfurt am Main/D

P11 Comparison of photosynthetic energy conversion monitored by calorimetry,
        oxygen evolution, and pulse-amplitude modulated fluorescence

        T. Maskow, H. Harms, S. Oroszi, A. Gerdts, Helmholtz-Zentrum für Umweltforschung
        - UFZ, Leipzig/D; T. Jakob, C. Wilhelm, University of Leipzig/D

P12 Ecolectricity - currently available
        L. Rositzka, T. Bleckwehl, S. Grenz, A. Korszanska, T. Meyer, N. Romanova, M. Ruwe,
        M. Schüler, F. Thomas, T. Tubbesing, N. Lübke, T. Wolf, C. Rückert, J. Kalinowski,
        iGEM-Team Bielefeld/D

P13 A new cell-free system for bio-electrochemical reactions with mobile reactors in
        the μL-scale

        H. Al-Kaidy, R. Stadtmüller,R. Ulber, N. Tippkötter, University of Kaiserslautern/D

P14 Partial oxidations in electroenzymatic reactors
        T. Vidaković-Koch, M. Varničić, T.Q. Nga Do, K. Sundmacher, Max-Planck-Institute
        for Dynamics of Complex Technical Systems, Magdeburg/D

P15 NADH Measurements at directly heated electrodes - First examples on how to use
         temperature as a means to measure and control enzyme mediated reactions
        L. Krüger, C. Herz, Gensoric GmbH, Rostock/D




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