PRAXISforum Enzymes for Industrial Applications

Speakers and Moderator 2015

The Speakers 2015

  • Wolfgang Aehle
    Corporate Development, B.R.A.I.N./D
  • Emil Byström
    CEO, Nordic ChemQuest/SWE
  • Thorsten Eggert
    CEO, Evocatal/D
  • Eric Eichhorn
    Head of Laboratory for biocatalysis and biotransformations, Givaudan/CH
  • Johannes Hunfeld
    Head of Business Development & Sales Biotechnology Plants, Linde Engineering/D
  • Jim Lalonde
    Senior Vice President, Research & Development, Codexis/USA
  • Andreas Liese
    Head of the Institute of Technical Biocatalysis at TU Hamburg-Harburg/D
  • Stephan Lütz
    Head of Bioreactions, Novartis/CH
  • Markus Matuschek
    Director Global Development and Technical Marketing Animal Nutrition, BASF/D
  • Karl-Heinz Maurer
    Director of Business Development, AB Enzymes/D
  • Oliver May
    Corporate Scientist, DSM/NL
  • Ulf Menyes
    CEO, Enzymicals/D
  • Thomas Purkathofer
    Head of Business Development, VTU Technology/AUT
  • Michael Richter
    Group Leader Biocatalysis, Empa/CH
  • Andreas Vogel
    Head of R&D Enzyme Development, c-LEcta/D
  • Denis Wahler
    Business Development Manager Biocatalysis, LibraGen/F
  • Xinkai Xie
    Director of R&D, EnzymeWorks/CHN

The Moderator 2015

  • Günther Illert
    Strategy Coach/D


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