ISPPP 2014


The ISPPP 2014 conference will highlight advanced analytical and preparative separation strategies for proteins, peptides and polynucleotides.

Bioseparation fundamentals:

  • Molecular and thermodynamic aspects, are they already well understood?
  • High throughput testing or good models?

Analytical separation / purification of biomolecules:

  • Bioanalysis / biomarkers
  • Sample preparation for -omics
  • Detection and separation methods supporting biomolecule analysis
  • High resolution mass spectrometry
  • Microscale isolation
  • New orthogonal chromatography applications

Preparative separation / purification of biomolecules:

  • Separation / purification of new products (viruses, VLPs, antibodylike molecules, ADCs, non-antibody products, vaccines, stem cells...)
  • Future of affinity chromatography - protein A only?
  • "Mixed-mode" chromatography, an alternative to "pure" chromatographic mode
  • Particle-based separations today - and in future?
  • Continuous isolation

 Please visit the ISPPP 2014 programme.

Topics of ISPPP 2014 conference
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