23. - 24. November 2005 Marl

Bioinspired Nanomaterials for Medicine and Technologies

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23.-24. November 2005


The interface between the established fields of nanotechnology and biotechnology is generating innovative nanomaterials, produced using functions and principles of self-assembly inspired by Nature. These new materials offer exciting new possibilities for the development of biochips, biolabels, drug delivery systems, nanoelectronics, and many other applications. Faster and more precise diagnostic tools will be possible, with benefits for public health. The importance of nanobiomaterials, however, reaches beyond the life sciences, finding many technical applications. Biosensors and nanoelectronics, for example, demonstrate how biological processes can be used to develop new structures and functions of technical importance.

This conference will cover the latest research results, and highlight successful transfers to industrial applications. Leading international experts will present their work in four sessions:

  • Drug Delivery and Imaging
  • Diagnostics
  •  Nanoelectronics
  • Self Assembled Structures

Participants will be able to form and strengthen contacts between academic and industrial partners, directly relate scientific research to business activities, and discuss current developments during the poster sessions. Participants are invited to submit poster proposals for review by the scientific committee.

The Feierabendhaus in Marl lies to the south of the Münsterland and to the north of the Ruhr Basin, close to the Chemiepark Marl. As space is limited, please book well in advance.

We look forward to welcoming you in Marl.

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