4th Status Seminar Chemical Biology

26. - 27. November 2007 DECHEMA-Haus, Frankfurt am Main

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"From total synthesis to therapeutic strategies"
26 – 27 November 2007


DECHEMA-Haus, Frankfurt am Main


The 4th Status Seminar on Chemical Biology will again present cutting-edge research at the prolific interface of chemistry and biology spanning the broad range of topics.

„From Total Synthesis to Therapeutic Strategies“

This year's meeting aims to cover as many ongoing research projects as possible. Thus the poster exhibition will be at the centre of the meeting. The Scientific Committee will invite the authors of selected posters to present their results in brief lectures on November 26, 2007. Three lecture slots are kept free for full lectures selected from the incoming contributions.

We hope you will enjoy the programme and feel encouraged to submit a poster contribution via file upload by November 2, 2007 , at the latest.

What is Chemical Biology?
Perturbations of suitable model systems and molecular analysis of the consequences is the paradigm for studying complex biological phenomena. Complementary to systematic DNA mutagenesis and RNA interference studies, chemical biology utilizes low molecular weight natural and synthetic compounds to interfere directly with protein function. The interdisciplinary chemical biology approach joins chemists, engineers, informaticians and biologists and creates numerous opportunities for innovation and commerce. Chemical Biology is opening new paths for research in the post genome era and represents the most direct translation into benefits for basic science and for health of the public and environment. In order to support the inter-disciplinary collaboration, major organisations from the relevant fields founded a common subject division on chemical biology in 2005.

About ChemBioNet
The ChemBioNet was initiated by a group of chemists and biologists from academia who realized the need for an interdisciplinary platform to enhance research projects exploiting the systematic usage of small molecules to study biological systems. Three partner institutes (Helmholtz Centre for Infection Research, former GBF, Max-Delbrück-Center and the Leibniz-Institut for Molecular Pharmacology, FMP) co-financed a shared central compound collection, located at the FMP, to be offered for screening. This repository will be continuously complemented by compound collections donated by chemists of the network. Screening of compounds will be carried out on the individual conditions defined by the donors and on the basis of academic collaboration agreements. ChemBioNet will built up a data base for all generated screening results with a regulated access assuring both IP rights and maximum free academic use. Through these activities, ChemBioNet will achieve its initial goal to become a “real” link between chemists and biologists. 

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