23 - 26 October 2017 Moscow, Russia Teaserbild

Corrosion protection is an underestimated problem, priority is not often given to it. However, experts in various fields of industry are often challenged by corrosion, and it is not always easy to find an adequate response. Professional discussions consistently show that Russian industrial enterprises are constantly in need of solutions of all sizes in the field of corrosion protection, but not always they can get quick and timely support.

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International Exhibition and Conference on technolige, equipment and materials for corrosion protection.

Conference main topics:

  • Protective coatings, including intelligent self-healing coatings

  • Corrosion inhibitors in acidic media

  • Volatile corrosion inhibitors

  • Migrating corrosion inhibitors for concrete reinforcement

  • The use of  rust converters when pouring concrete constructions

  • Process fluids and passivating compositions

  • Stress corrosion cracking and protection against it

  • Plasma electrolytic oxidation

  • Composite materials

Exhibition Topics

  •  Corrosion resistant materials for various industrial branches
  • Coatings, surface preparation and cleaning, spraying equipment and application

  • Corrosion inhibitors, bactericides

  • Electrochemical protection

  • Protection against friction and wear

  • Corrosion monitoring

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Russian State Gubkin University of Oil and Gas




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