From new drug candidates and predictive cell culture models to development and manufacturing of innovative (bio-)pharmaceuticals to nanobiomedical applications.

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  • 3rd European Conference on Natural Products

    In September 2018, the 3rd European Conference on Natural Products will again feature recent advances in secondary metabolite research. With a special...

  • 3D Cell Culture 2018

    How close to in vivo can we get? Get updated about 3D cell cultures as predictive, physiological relevant model systems! Since our first symposium in...

  • PRAXISforum Krisenmanagement

    Das nächste PRAXISforum "Krisenmanagement" findet am 21. und 22. Mai 2019 im DECHEMA-Haus, Frankfurt/Main statt. Die großen Unternehmenskrisen...

  • DECHEMA visits Berlin-Buch: Trading in cells - Lab cultures, patients, and the promise of applications

    Colloquium on 18.10.2017 at Campus Berlin-Buch. The colloquium is organised by Berlin Partner for Business and Technology GmbH, Campus Berlin-Buch, and supported by DECHEMA e.V.

  • Webinar: Biomarker - Platform technology for identifying innovative signatures

    Speaker: Dr. Ronny Schmidt, Sciomics GmbH, Heidelberg/D Innovative biomarker signatures are a cornerstone of precision medicine especially in the immune...

  • 10. Bundesalgenstammtisch

    Rückblick auf den 10. Bundesalgenstammtisch in Merseburg Optimierung von Produktionsverfahren mit Mikroalgen Produktionskosten sind der...

  • ACHEMA 2018: Great Expectations for the World Forum of the Process Industries

    Some 9 months before the start there are unmistakable signs that ACHEMA 2018 will be a crowd-puller. More than 2700 exhibitors from all around the globe have already booked a stand at this leading show for the process industries in Frankfurt am Main.

  • Phytoextracts - Proposal towards a new comprehensive research focus

    In order to meet the growing demand for and exploit the potential of phytoextracts for food, pharmaceutical or agrochemical applications, a coordinated research approach with adequate public funding is mandatory. In its current position paper “Phytoextracts – Proposal towards a new and comprehensive research focus”, the ProcessNet sub-division “Phytoextracts – Products and processes” outlines the state of research and technology and gives recommendations for research targets and approaches

  • EuroPACT 2017

    Online-Registration 4th European Conference on Process Analytics and Control Technology EUROPACT 2017 is the fourth European Conference on...

  • ACHEMA 2018 – Call for Papers for Congress and PRAXISforums

    Contributions to the congress program and PRAXISforums of ACHEMA 2018 can be submitted as of now. Scientists from industry and research institutions are invited to submit their papers until September 22, 2017 via internet

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