EU project Volatile: Attention biogas plant operators

2017-05-10 | Frankfurt

The project aims to develop an innovative Volatile Fatty Acids Platform for the bioconversion of municipal solid bio-waste fraction and sludgy biowaste from other industries. Stakeholders are asked to give input.

This questionnaire has been developed to assist the partners of the VOLATILE project with gathering input and feedback from biowaste value chain stakeholders (municipal solid and sludgy bio-waste treatment and valorization, anaerobic digestion and composting plants, governments, etc.) related to acceptance, opportunities and expected bottlenecks to implement a Volatile Fatty Acid Platform (VFAP).

VFAP is using anaerobic digestion to transform biowaste into volatile fatty acids which will be recovered and used as carbon sources for added value fermentation approaches thereby transforming municipal solid biowaste into biomaterials, feedstocks for oleochemical industry or bioactive compounds.

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