PRAXISforum Future Production in Chemical Industry

3 - 4 May 2017 Frankfurt/Main, Germany Teaserbild

Chemical markets are changing and becoming more and more complex. Furthermore, the digital transformation is challenging the whole industry and doesn't stop in front of chemical production. Cyber-physical systems, low-cost sensor, data analytics and predictive maintenance are only some buzz words the chemical industry has to deal with while thinking about new production concepts or facilities. In addition, the chemical and pharmaceutical industry is working on two major production concepts to further improve their production of chemicals, drugs, materials or biotechnology products: continuous-flow and modularized production. The general goal of all these activities is to produce faster, with a higher quality and in a less wasteful manner.

The perfect and fully digital integrated process should easily deal with high product varieties which are produced either in small amounts or in over hundred tonnes per year. But does such a perfect process already exist? What are the advantages and disadvantages of a digital plant, a fully integrated process or continuous-flow production and modularized production systems? Which technology solutions are ready-to-use? And finally, what will be the future standard in chemical process industry?

All these questions will be discussed on the DECHEMA PRAXISforum "Future Production in Chemical Industry".

The PRAXISforum brings together industry experts in process engineering, flow chemistry, modularized plant systems and digital production as well as suppliers to discuss and exchange ideas, best practices and lessons learned from last year's implementation and development projects. At the same time, participants can present their needs and future requirements in direct exchange with suppliers of technologies, services and products.


We look forward to welcoming you in Frankfurt/Main!



PRAXISforum highlights:
  • By industry, for industry: find innovations in accordance with your practical needs
  • Meet existing and prospective customers and suppliers
  • Network with like-minded industry professionals
  • Learn about new trends, projects, processes and practices
  • Exhibition floor featuring practical and trade based presentations
  • Relaxed networking dinner at the end of first PRAXISforum day

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