Green Solvents for Synthesis

10 - 13 October 2010 Berchtesgaden/Germany

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The solvent is a strategic parameter for chemical transformations occurring in solution phase and plays a crucial role for the implementation of such processes on a laboratory and industrial scale. On a molecular level, the solvent helps to bring reagents in direct contact and stabilises or destabilises intermediates and transition states. In process design, the use of solvents determines the choice of work-up procedures and requires recycling or disposal strategies. The aim of the conference is to highlight innovative concepts for the substitution of volatile organic solvents in solution phase synthesis. Emphasis will be laid on the development and application of alternative reaction media based on advanced fluids such as aqueous phases, ionic liquids, supercritical phases, green organic solvents, or soluble polymers, but includes also phase-separable reagents and related separation strategies in all areas of chemical synthesis. The lecture programme consists of a special Sunday evening lecture, keynote and invited lectures and submitted oral presentations with no parallel sessions. The poster session plays a key role for the discussion of cutting edge results in the field. The 2010 edition of "Green Solvents for Synthesis" will be held in the picturesque location of Berchtesgaden at the Lake Königssee in the Bavarian Alps between Munich and Salzburg. An excursion on the lake and a conference dinner in a typical Bavarian setting is part of the social programme. We look forward to welcoming you at an exciting meeting.

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