Water Management

Water Management

In the area of water management DECHEMA bundles the competence of experts from the process industry and industrial water technology. Water is not only essential for society, but is also a key resource and a critical location factor for the process industry - an aspect that will become increasingly important in the future.
Global changes in water availability and the manifold regulatory frameworks have already prompted many companies to develop ambitious strategies to improve their water usage efficiency. A major incentive is to reduce dependence on fresh water, while at the same time increasing the cost-efficiency of industrial water use.
As the core component of the process industry, the chemical industry is in a unique position: it is not only a major water user, but its innovative products, materials and technologies make it a major solution provider for efficient industrial water management. DECHEMA offers an outstanding platform for the discussion of cutting-edge developments in industrial water management and technology in research and practice.



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