International Symposium on BioPolymers 2010

3. - 7. Oktober 2010 Stuttgart

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The International Symposium on Biopolymers, ISBP, is a successful congress series on biode-gradable polymers that has been held in 2 years intervals since the initial meeting in Toronto 1988 (1990 Barcelona, 1992 Göttingen, 1994 Montreal, 1996 Davos, 1998 Tokyo, 2000 Cambridge, 2002 Münster, 2004 Beijing, 2006 Minneapolis, 2008 Auckland). The main focus of ISBP has been on biopolyesters such as poly (3-hydroxybutyrate), (PHB) or polyhydroxyalkanoates (PHA) besides other biopolymers such as non-template proteins (cyanophycin), and rubbers (polyisoprenes). International leading scientists in biology, chemistry, processing, fermentation technology and industrial production of PHA have contributed in the past to ISBP meetings. Currently, several companies in different parts of the world are expanding fermentation capacities for PHA production to the range of a few 104 t/a. The currently low oil price caused by the financial/economic crisis probably will increase again in near future. Therefore, develop-ment of sustainable alternatives to petrol-based polymer chemistry such as production of biopolymers or bio-based polymers will become economically feasible.

The next ISBP meeting is scheduled for October 3-7, 2010 in Stuttgart and will be organised by Dieter Jendrossek (University Stuttgart, scientific programme) together with DECHEMA e.V. (Society for Chemical Engineering and Biotechnology) and BIOPRO Baden Württemberg GmbH. ISBP2010 will include sessions on all aspects of PHAs, non template proteins (cyanophycins) and rubbers as well as new sessions on bio-based polymers and recent developments in technical use of biopolymers.

One day of the symposium is reserved for talks and discussions/round tables on the current status of biopolymer application and commercialisation ("biopolymer industryday") and will also include a poster session and table fair. Companies and organisations with interest to take an active part in the poster session or table fair should contact the Conference Secretariat.

Selected speakers will give an overview on biopolymer/PHA and on the status quo and on future perspectives of biopolymers production. For those participants, who have special interest in this "industry day" and can't participate the whole four and a half days of the symposium, it will be possible to participate in this special industry day on October 5, 2010 at a reduced registration fee only.

We are looking forward to welcoming you in Stuttgart.







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