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ACHEMA Worldwide News 1/2010

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Editor's Page
Go where the action is...

Maintanining growth without overheating
The state of the Chinese economy

Preliminary list of exhibitors AchemAsia 2010

AchemAsia 2010 Congress

Still a serious problem
The water pollution situation in China

A new hot spot for pharma companies
The current situation of China's pharmaceutical industry

Storing hope on storing carbon?
There are no easy answers to reducing carbon dioxide

NAMUR comes to China
Late last year NAMUR hosted its first conference in China

3rd International Advanced Materials (Chengdu) Summit
Bringing together researchers and users of advanced materials

Speaking up early on
Interview with DECHEMA Chief Executive Dr. Kurt Wagemann

Big changes
DECHEMA: New look reflects dynamic thrust and openness

International conferences organized by DECHEMA

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