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ACHEMA Worldwide News 2/2011


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Editor's Page
Securing Our Future with Innovations

Do you know ...
... the DECHEMA Research Institute - founded on tradition, working for the future

Biomass Creates a New Set of Challenges for Equipment Manufacturers
The chemical industry  is already working intensively on teh development of bio-based sources of energy and raw materials

Energy Intelligence in Pumps
How users can ave money and also enhance process reliability

Processes for Power - Power for Processes
The shifting energy base has large implications for the process industries worldwide

Growing from the Shadows
Brazil offers tremendous opportunities for co-operation and investment

Looking for Job Applicants?
Specialised recruitment of engineers, scientists and technicians at ACHEMA 2012

ACHEMA Partnering Conference

On the Move - ACHEMA App Keeps You up to date

BiobasedWorld at ACHEMA 2012

International Certificate and Congress on Sustainability Science & Engineering

ACHEMA Delegate for Turkey

International conferences organized by DECHEMA

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