9th Status Seminar Chemical Biology

Lecture programme

Tuesday, 21. January 2014

12:50 Keynote
Understanding and exploiting posttranslational modifications: inteins and Ubiquitin/SUMO
H.D. Mootz, University of Münster/D
13:30 Chemical biology of Ub signal transduction and DUB inhibition
H. Ovaa, Netherlands Cancer Institute, Amsterdam/NL
13:50 Species selective epigenetic therapy: smHDAC8 as a target to combat the Schistosoma mansoni
M. Jung, University of Freiburg/D
14:10 Biochemical modulation of small GTPases by pathogenic bacteria
A. Itzen, TU München/D
14:30 Coffee break
14:50 Keynote
Protein semi-synthesis and drug discovery of post-translational modified nuclear receptors

L. Brunsveld, TU Eindhoven/NL
15:30 Peptide microarrays for enzyme profiling
M. Schutkowski, University of Halle-Wittenberg, Halle/D
15:50 Concerted binding to DNA and histone H3 tail drives the recognition of H3K36 methylated nucleosomes
R. van Nuland, F.M.A. van Schaik, UMC Utrecht/NL; M. Simonis, S. van Heesch,
E. Cuppen, Hubrecht Institute, Utrecht/NL; R. Boelens, Utrecht University/NL;
H.Th.M Timmer, UMC Utrecht/NL; H. van Ingen, Utrecht University/NL
16:10 Proteomic analysis of changes in protein acetylation in inflammation
T. van den Bosch, F.J. Dekker, University of Groningen/NL
16:30 Coffee break
16:50 Lectures of selected posters
17:25 Keynote
Bedaquiline - TMC207, a new candidate for the treatment of drug resistant tuberculosis
J. Guillemont, Janssen, Val De Reuil/F
18:05 Postersession & Get together


Wednesday, 22 January 2014

09:00 Keynote
Interference with bacterial cell to cell communication - a novel strategy for anti-virulence anti-infectives
R.W. Hartmann, Helmholtz-Institute for Pharmaceutical Research Saarland and Saarland University, Saarbrücken/D
09:40 Acyldepsipeptide antibiotics, a tool for elucidating structual dynamics and function of caseinolytic peptidase P
H. Brötz-Oesterhelt, University of Düsseldorf/D
10:00 Chemical Exploration of the FK506-Binding Protein 51
F. Hausch, Max-Planck-Institut für Psychiatrie, Munich/D
10:20 2-CLIPS peptides, a new class of biopharmaceuticals
P. Timmerman, Pepscan Therapeutics B.V., Lelystad/NL
10:40 Coffee break
11:00 Keynote
Covalent agonists facilitating crystallization of GPCRs
P. Gmeiner, University of Erlangen-Nürnberg, Erlangen/D
11:40 Targeting tankyrases
J. Waaler, A. Voronkov, Oslo University Hospital/N; D. Holshworth, StemNext LLC, San Diego, CA/USA; S. Krauss, Oslo University Hospital/N
12:00 Probes to image the catalytic activity of serine proteases
K. Augustyns, University of Antwerp/B
12:20 Target validation and drug discovery in Alzheimer's Disease and inflammatory disorders - Glutaminylcyclases (QC) as new therapeutic targets
H.-U. Demuth, Fraunhofer-Institute of Cell Therapy and Immunology (IZI), Halle/D
12:40 Lunch break
13:40 Keynote
Function and fate of cellular carbohydrates
V. Wittmann, University of Konstanz/D
14:20 Chemical probes for studying oxidative crosslinking reactions in the biosynthesis of glycopeptide antibiotics
C. Brieke, K. Haslinger, M. J. Cryle, Max-Planck Institute for Medical Research, Heidelberg/D
14:40 C-type lectin receptors as targets for immune modulation: from glycan arrays to murine studies
T. Johannssen, S. Zimmermann, J. Hütter, M. Eriksson, M. Maglinao, B. Lepenies, Max Planck Institute of Colloids and Interfaces, Potsdam/D
15:00 Keynote
Semisynthetic glycoproteins: new tools for basic and medical research

C. Unverzagt, University of Bayreuth/D
15:40 Closing
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