1st International Congress on Ionic Liquids

19. - 23. Juni 2005 Salzburg/A

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June 19 – 22, 2005

WELCOME to COIL (or, more precisely, COIL 1, as we have venues up to COIL 4 in 2011). This is, and will be, the premičre international venue for hearing and presenting cutting-edge research in the field of ionic liquids. It is the first open, truly international, conference series in this area, and the enthusiasm for hosting it (and, yes, we are open to offers for 2013) has only been exceeded by the overwhelming number of submissions to present here. So large was the level of submissions that we were only able to accept 10% for oral presentation (and this was a painful process of discipline and geographical balance!) – if we have made one mistake, it was not opting for a 5-6 day meeting! So, we have a packed, varied, fascinating programme of lectures, and a poster session - over 200 posters - most of which were of a quality for oral presentation. So, PLEASE, take the poster session as a fundamental part of the programme – there is work there of stunning quality, which at lesser meetings would have been the basis of plenary talks.

WELCOME to Salzburg. Salzburg was named for its famous salt mines (which we will be visiting). Salt has influenced our history and our language - even the words salary (Latin salarium: money given to Roman soldiers to buy salt) and salad (Latin salata, literally “salted”, short for herba salata “salted vegetables” - a popular Roman dish) are derived from salt. Of course, molten salt chemistry of the twentieth Century, gave rise to the ionic liquids of the twenty-first Century, and so there could be no more appropriate venue for COIL. For the science, attend the lectures and visit the posters; for a historical context, read “Salt:
A World History” by Mark Kurlansky (Jonathan Cape, 2002).

WELCOME to an ionic liquid fest! And remember the immortal words of Tom Lehrer – “Life is like a sewer... what you get out of it depends on what you put into it”. So make use of your time here, put in the effort, and you will leave tired, but excited and enriched.

Kenneth R. Seddon


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