9th International Conference on Combinatorial and High-Throughput Materials Science

26. - 28. September 2016 University Jena Teaserbild

We like to thank all the participants of the "Combi2016" for making the
conference an successful event.



 Conference programme

The 9th International Conference on Combinatorial and High-Throughput Materials Science brought together the global scientific and technical community in the area of combinatorial and high-throughput materials sciences. We invited developers and users from industry and academia to join intensive discussions on the recent advances in high-throughput methodology and application 26-28 September 2016 in Jena/Germany.

The conference addressed all scientific and technical topics and its widespread areas of applications in modern-day materials research and development.

The conference format explicitly aimed for close interaction and active involvement of all participants. A high-level lecture programme iwas complemented by a poster session, an exhibition and workshops to address common challenges associated with implementation of high-throughput technology in academic or industrial environments, promoting academic teaching and professional training, data standards and data mining.

Conference Themes 2016 were:

  1. Polymers and biomaterials (incl. pharmapolymers) & Nanomedicine, Composites
  2. Catalysis
  3. Electronic materials & sensors, Energy production and storage
  4. Coatings, resins & surfaces

Each of these themes included aspects like:

  • On-line and off-line characterization and property evaluation techniques
  • Formulation / preparation of test species and purification methods of prepared materials / systems
  • Informatics (data mining, simulation / modeling, in-silico experiments etc., MS)
  • Methodological and technical advances

We once again like to thank the participants for their attendance and look forward to the next DECHEMA-High-Throughput-Event, which will be listed here soon.

Best regards

Dr. Florian Ausfelder          Prof. Dr. Ulrich S. Schubert          Dr. Wolfgang Schrof

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