PRAXISforum Future Production Concepts in Chemical Industry

Dirk Schmalz, Merck/DE and Frank Stenger, Evonik/DE

Wed 27 Apr 2016, 3:15 pm:

Tandem talk
Towards modularization and standardization of chemical production units: status quo, development needs, and current activities

  • Due to changing market requirements in chemical industry process & production technology needs to be adapted. New technology trends (Industry 4.0) will be an important enabler to reach this goal.
  • Modularization & standardization is one technology driven approach that is followed by the German chemical companies
  • The status quo of current development in that field is presented as well as there will future needs be discussed from an industry point of view

Co-Authors: Andreas Brodhagen (BASF SE), Armin Schweiger (INVITE), Thomas Bieringer (BTS), Ch. Dreiser (Clariant).




Dr. Dirk Schmalz (Merck), degree in chemical engineering and PHD at TU Clausthal, several positions within process development & production, currently Head of Process Technologies - Engineering.

Dr. Frank Stenger (Evonik Technology & Infrastructure GmbH), degree in chemical engineering (KIT), PHD at University of Erlangen, joined Evonik´s Process Technology&Engineering department in 2004, several position within that department, currently group head within Reaction Technology department and responsible for “Modular plant technology”.


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