NaWuReT Colloquium 2024 - online event

Reaction engineering stands as a pivotal discipline essential for addressing contemporary global challenges, such as the energy and raw material transition as well as the implementation of a circular economy. These major challenges require visionary thinkers who steer their environment in the right direction through innovative activities. The NaWuReT is inviting the chemical reaction engineering community to a virtual colloquium in the winter of 2024 entitled

„Veni, vidi, vici? Visionary leaders in chemical reaction engineering“

In this lecture series, we will discuss with five distinguished, internationally experienced professors and experts which have pursued and implemented their vision throughout their careers. Each of them will provide insights into their professional achievements in the field and give an impulse for early career scientiststo advance relevant topics of reaction engineering. The colloquium will be held every Monday from February 5th to March 4th and is directed to early career reaction engineers and everyone else interested.


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