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PRAXISforum Day 1

Wednesday, 18 October 2017



Opening of PRAXISforum Power-to-X and Welcome Address

Kurt Wagemann, Managing Director, DECHEMA e.V.

               Moderation: Sebastian Hillebrand, kasoku Consulting GmbH

               Session 1: System analysis and raw material supply

Pathways of Power-to-X in energy transition: technical feasibility and necessity of a new technology group

  • Starting points and climate mitigation framework
  • P2X-Pathways
  • Power-to-Heat / Power-to-Gas / Power-to-Fuel (Gas and Liquid) / Power-to-Chemicals
  • National and global outlook

Michael Sterner, Ostbayrische Technische Hochschule, Regensburg / Germany


H2 − Key element in P2X: Sources, Technologies, Perspective

  • Today´s sources in hydrogen market
  • Electrolysis as the link between electrons and material world
  • Technology, products and plants for industrial and P2X applications
  • Outlook on commercial aspects of hydrogen

Bernd Pitschak, Managing Director, Hydrogenics GmbH / Germany


CO2 Capture from Air

  • Climeworks temperature-vacuum swing technology for CO2 capture from ambient air
  • Applications, markets and challenges for CO2 capture from the air
  • Recent developments: First commercial direct air capture plant in Hinwil, Switzerland

Jan Wurzbacher, Managing Director, Climeworks AG / Switzerland

11:45 Lunch in exhibition area,
interactive discussion and networking at „topic tables“
               Session 2: Advanced applications

Power-to-X for the future fuels supply

  • Outlook on renewable fuel blends in Europe GHG reduction targets, demand and raw material potential
  • Power-to-Liquid (PtL) and the Biomass-to-Liquid BtL processes – introducing the technology
  • Techno-economic and ecological process evaluation

Ralph-Uwe Dietrich, Head of Alternative Fuels,

Deutsches Zentrum für Luft- und Raumfahrt e.V. (DLR) / Germany


Hydrogen technology development in HYPOS and the need of a Green Hydrogen Economy in the future

  • Short overview of the hydrogen initiative HYPOS including the objectives, strategy and network-structure
  • Presentation on various HYPOS projects and technology developments with focus on innovative solutions for green hydrogen production, storage and transportation
  • Opportunities and need of green hydrogen for a sustainable economy based on renewable energies

Alexander Spieß, Projektmanagement & Wissensmanagement, HYPOS − Hydrogen Power Storage & Solutions East Germany e.V. / Germany



The Power-to-Gas Project “Energiepark Mainz” − Operating experience of the world’s largest Power-to-Gas plant with PEM

  • Project Background
  • Project Status and key facts
  • Operational experiences

Jonas Aichinger, Head of Innovation Management, Mainzer Stadtwerke AG / Germany


Coffee break in exhibition area,

interactive discussion and networking at „topic tables“

               Session 3: Regulatory parameters


Power to X – is the coupling of the energy sectors going to fail because of the wrong legal framework?

  • Legal obstacles and ideas for the further development of the legal framework
  • Focus on the German legislation but also on the European one

Max Peiffer, Partner, AssmannPeiffer Attorneys / Germany


HyP – what´s needed to make profit with green hydrogen?

  • Without Green Hydrogen the energy transition will be very expensive
  • Energy security - economic and sustainable - in an energy world 2050 without Green Hydrogen is not possible
  • Long range and flexible mobility without emissions needs Green Hydrogen

Werner Diwald, Deutscher Wasserstoff- und Brennstoffzellen-Verband e.V.



Panel discussion on the topic "Regulatory framework of Power-to-X"

Werner Diwald, Deutscher Wasserstoff- und Brennstoffzellen-Verband e.V. 

Simon Verleger, DVGW research position at Engler-Bunte Institute, KIT - Karlsruhe Institute of Technology

Max Peiffer, AssmannPeiffer Attorneys



Networking Dinner @ Life Style Bar, Hotel Maritim Frankfurt

PRAXISforum Day 2

Thursday, 19 October 2017

               Session 4: Industrial Symbiosis and Power to Gas

Industrial Symbiosis - powering up the green transition towards a circular economy

  • The mindset and model behind Industrial Symbiosis
  • Showcasing the world famous Kalundborg Symbiosis
  • Industrial Symbiosis 3.0 towards a circular economy

Per Møller, Head of Symbiosis Center Denmark, Dansk SymbioseCenter / Denmark


Power-to-Gas systems for balancing high-RES power systems

  • Power-to-gas systems
  • Electricity grid balancing
  • Gas grid decarbonisation

Marcus Newborough, Development Director, ITM Power Plc / United Kingdom


Linking of the carbon loop via biological methanation – Power-to-Methane

  • Technology and application of biological methanation
  • Experience in regards of operation (>8000 hours) and business development
  • Current project realizations

Thomas Heller, Project Manager Power-to-Gas, MicrobEnergyGmbH / Germany


Coffee break in exhibition area,

interactive discussion and networking at „topic tables“

               Session 5: Power to Liquid and Power to Chemicals

Transforming hydro & wind power into liquids

  • Management of hydro & wind power, as key input in a financial sustainable solution
  • Multi application, mulit country approach
  • Herøya Industrial park as the perfect site
  • High performance technology from sunfire & Climeworks

Rolf Bruknapp, Partner, Nordic Blue Crude AS / Norway


CO2 to methanol at commercial scale: Practical experience and business perspective

  • Designing and building the world´s first industrial scale plant for direct conversion of CO2 to methanol
  • Best practice advice for emerging opportunities in production of “e-fuels”
  • Technical, commercial and regulatory aspects

Benedikt Stefánnson, Director of Business Development, Carbon Recycling International / Iceland


Power-to-Liquids for Aviation – Energy, Environment and Cost Aspects

  • The challenge of greenhouse gas mitigation in aviation
  • Environmental performance (GHG, water, land) of alternative jet fuels
  • Sustainability aspects of power-to-liquids with focus on CO2 from concentrated sources

Patrick Schmidt, Sustainable Energy & Transport, Ludwig-Bölkow-Systemtechnik GmbH / Germany


Lunch in exhibition area,

interactive discussion and networking at „topic tables“


End of PRAXISforum Power-to-X

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