EuroPACT 2014

Award of the Siemens Process Analytics Prize for Young Scientists




Award of the 4th Siemens Prize

On occasion of the EuroPACT Conference 2014 in Barcelona, the German Working Group "Prozessanalytik" in cooperation with Siemens has awarded the 4th Siemens Process Analytics Prize to a young scientist for an outstanding publication in the field of Process Analytics. The prize is endowed with € 1.500. An EUROPACT 2014 prize committee has selected the winner.

The prize is awarded to Dr. Jose Maria González-Martínez, Information Department of Statistics and Chemometrics, Shell Global Solutions International B.V., Shell Technology Centre Amsterdam for the publication

Jose Maria González-Martínez, Jose Camacho and Alberto Ferrer, “Bilinear modeling of batch processes. Part III: parameter stability”, J. Chemometrics 28 (2014) 10–27

This is a very accurate and thorough paper - a very comprehensible and excellent work with importance to the community. The subject is practical oriented and represents not only a simple application study. The subject is fully within a process analytical context. The publications clearly stands out from others in that field.




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