ATMP 2015 - Issues and challenges from bench to bedside


Evangelische Akademie Tutzing

Tutzing Castle

Schloßstraße 2-4

82327 Tutzing

Accommodation at the Venue

Accommodation at Evangelische Akademie Tutzing can be booked via the online registration.

Please note that the number of rooms is limited, and will be distributed in the order of received registrations.


About Tutzing

The fishing village of Tutzing, beautifully located on the bank of Lake Starnberg in Southern Germany, was first mentioned in a chronicle of the monastery of Benediktbeuren in the 11th century. In those days, the castle comprised a farm, a mill and six half farms. Over the centuries, owners, purposes of use, and the building itself changed several times.


 Foto_Schloss_kleinCopyright: X. Wu


The conference ATMP 2015 - Issues and Challenges from Bench to Bedsite takes place 4-6 November 2015, Evangelische Akademie Tutzing (Tutzing Castle), Germany
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