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ACHEMA Worldwide News 1 / 2011


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Editor's Page
Are your in-laws thrilled by pumps?

ACHEMA Congress 2012
Hot topics and networking at its best

ACHEMA - Virtually Anytime, Anywhere
ACHEMA online, the multifunctional platform for the process industry

Challenges in Chemistry
The chemical industry is going full stram ahead in the search for alternatives to crude oil

Biotechnology in Japan
A brief insight into the Japanese pharmaceutical and biotechnology markets

Microbial Cellular Plants and Metabolic Engineering
Metabolic engineering offers many opportunities for using biotechnological processes

Engineers and Biotechnologists for Tomorrow
DECHEMA's student activities

The Chengdu Summit
On the way to become a major meeting point for decision makers form the process industries in China

ECCE 8 and ECAB 1
8th European Congress of Chemical Engineering and
1st European Congress of Applied Biotechnology Germany
- the place to be for engineers and biotechnologists

Catalysing Renewable Energy
The secon Indo-German Catalysis Conference

BRAIN and DECHEMA Cooperate in the Biotechnological Production of Perillic Acid

German Academia & Industry Network Bio-GAIN

International conferences organized by DECHEMA


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