10th Status Seminar Chemical Biology

20. - 21. Januar 2015 DECHEMA-Haus, Frankfurt am Main

The 10th Status Seminar on Chemical Biology will highlight cutting-edge research from the United Kingdom and Germany. The programme consists of three sessions:

  • Applied Structural biology
  • Biomaterials and polymers in chemical biology
  • Diversity and target oriented synthesis concepts

You can submit abstracts of posters until 10 December 2014. About eight of the submissions will be selected as short presentations for the programme.

The tutorial course Drug discovery - today's success and tomorrow's hope will precede the conference programme of 20 January 2015. Dr. Kurt Ritter (Sanofi-Aventis Deutschland GmbH, Frankfurt) will give insights into two exciting areas of drug discovery in academia and the pharmaceutical industry. The first part, titled "The HCV revolution", deals with the race to provide an all oral treatment for Hepatitis C. The second part will cover the rapidly expanding field of epigenetics. The lecture will give a short, non-comprehensive introduction of the major players of the machinery whose malfunctions are the origin of various diseases.


Invited Speakers

  • Cameron Alexander (Nottingham, UK)
  • Mark Bradley (Edinburgh, UK)
  • Mathias Christmann (Berlin, Germany)
  • Arasu Ganesan (East Anglia, UK)
  • Stefan Knapp (Oxford, UK)
  • Herbert Nar (Ingelheim, Germany)
  • Adam Nelson (Leeds, UK)
  • Stefan Raunser (Dortmund, Germany)
  • Peter Seeberger (Potsdam, Germany)
  • Louise Serpell (Brighton,UK)
  • David Spring (Cambridge, UK)
  • Roderich Süßmuth (Berlin, Germany)
  • Tanja Weil (Ulm, Germany)


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