New Bioproduction Systems: Electrically and Light-Driven Biosyntheses

11 November 2013 Frankfurt am Main

Biotechnological processes traditionally rely on chemical energy stored in organic compounds. Alternative concepts of bioproduction use energy supplied by electrical current or light. Well known are electro- and photoenzymatic transformations and microbial fuel cells which convert chemical into electrical energy.

Recently, 'microbial electrosynthesis', a process formally analogous to photosynthesis, has drawn considerable attention. It employs metal and sulfur reducing micro-organisms which are able to synthesize multi-carbon compounds from carbon dioxide and electricity. With "electrically and light-driven biosyntheses" as focus topic the meeting will feature the exciting perspectives of developing these concepts into technical applications. Advances in other new bioproduction systems such as cell-free or orthogonal biosystems will also be covered.

Call for Posters

The Scientific Committee invites you to submit abstracts of posters until

September 26, 2013 via the poster submission website.

The lecture programme has been finalized, registrations are welcome.


The Working Group on New Bioproduction Systems of the Society for Chemical Engineering and Biotechnology (DECHEMA e.V.) is organising the workshop.

Scientific Committee

An-Ping Zeng, TU Hamburg-Harburg/D
Stefan Kubick, Fraunhofer IBMT, Potsdam/D
Dirk Holtmann, DECHEMA-Forschungsinstitut, Frankfurt am Main/D




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