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Oct 07, 2011

ACHEMA 2012: Getting ready for the energy turnaround

"Innovative Energy Carriers and Storage" on display at ACHEMA's Special Show

Renewable energy generation and mobile applications depend on innovative technologies for energy storage. The ACHEMA Special Show 2012 presents the latest technological trends and concepts. In combination with the scientific congress and closely interlinked with the whole range of process technologies on display, it offers a unique setting for the discussion of integrated and innovative solutions.

It's not just that Germany is in the midst of the energy turnaround - many other countries have taken up the cause of renewable energies as well. According to the German Federal Ministry of the Environment, India counts among the largest growth markets for renewable energies in the world, and China is also planning to expand the use of renewables. New and efficient technologies for energy storage and transfer are an indispensable prerequisite in reaching this goal. At the same time, modern appliances from smartphones to electric cars make high demands on battery technology. The global markets are hungry for adequate solutions, and in face of the urgent need in connection with extended public funding an immense innovation push can be expected.

The Special Show at ACHEMA 2012 from June 18th-22nd, 2012, in Frankfurt puts the latest developments in energy storage and transfer at display. Chemical energy storage, fuel cells, photovoltaics and solarchemical processes are covered as well as concepts for e-mobility, innovative battery technologies and the use of hydrogen as an energy carrier. These topics are discussed in the wider context of ACHEMA showing all aspects of chemical processing and biotechnology. This creates an outstanding opportunity to develop integrated concepts and discuss potential synergies.

Energy saving is an integral part of concepts for energy use. Issues regarding process intensification and energy efficiency are discussed intensively and are also a focus topic of ACHEMA 2012.

The congress programme takes up the topics of the Special Show in lecture sessions on process intensification, energy efficiency and materials for energy. Plenary lectures and panel discussions round off the programme centered on the ACHEMA Special Show "Innovative Energy Carriers and Storage".

Exhibitors find attractive offers in the area of the Special Show. Detailed information is available on





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