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Feb 10, 2010

Otto Roelen Medal 2010 for Michael Buchmeiser

The Otto-Roelen-Medal 2010 is awarded to Prof. Dr. Michael Buchmeiser, University of Stuttgart. DECHEMA awards this prize to the scientist for his outstanding contributions in the field of polymerisation catalysis. Buchmeisers special field of interest is the metathesis polymerisation. In these reactions, cyclic building blocks are opened by catalysts and react with each other. Among others, the scientist synthesized catalysts that can be fixed on surfaces and thus easily be separated from the reaction media. The method is used in the production of special polymers from tailor-made functional monomers.

The Otto Roelen Medal is awarded on 11th March 2010 during the 43rd Annual Meeting of German catalysis researchers in the city of Weimar which is organized by the German Catalysis Society.

The Otto Roelen Medal of DECHEMA was founded in 1997 and is sponsored by Oxea Group. Usually the prize is awarded every two years and the medal is endowed with € 5.000.

Michael Buchmeiser, born in 1967 in the city of Linz/Austria, studied and graduated at the Leopold-Franzens-University/Innsbruck. In 1998 he finished his habilitation and became a visiting professor at the Technical University of Graz in 2000. In 2004 he became professor for Technical Chemistry of Polymers at the University of Leipzig/Germany and in 2005 he took over in addition the position of assistant director of the Leibniz-Institute for Surface Modification in Leipzig. Since December 2009 he is head of the Institute for Polymer Chemistry at the University of Stuttgart. Michael Buchmeiser received numerous awards, among others in 1998 the Prof. E. Brandl Scientific Award and in 2001 the Novartis-Research-Prize. He is a member of the International Advisory Boards of both Macromol. Chem. Phys. and Macromol. Rapid Commun.

The DECHEMA (Society for Chemical Engineering and Biotechnology) is a non-profit making scientific and technical society based in Frankfurt on Main. It was founded in 1926. Today, it has more than 5.500 private and institutional members. Our aim is to promote research and technological progress in the areas of chemical engineering, biotechnology and environmental protection. Our work is interdisciplinary, with scientists, engineers, and technologists working together under one roof. Experts from science, business, and government departments cooperate in working parties and subject divisions.


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