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May 14, 2006

Award ceremony of the DECHEMA Pupils’ Competition 2005/2006 “Higher, faster, farther – there’s no such thing as sport without chemistry”

The three winning teams of the 6th DECHEMA Pupils’ Competition will receive their awards for their outstanding performance during the Opening Session of ACHEMA 2006 on 14 May 2006 in the presence of German Federal Minister of Education and Research Dr. Annette Schavan and 2000 international guests. Dr. Alfred Oberholz, Chairman of DECHEMA (Gesellschaft für Chemische Technik und Biotechnologie e.V.), will present the winners with a cup, a certificate and €250 each, their first money earned with chemistry.

The winning teams of the sixth DECHEMA Pupils’ Competition are:

“Geschwisterpower” of Herschelschule Hannover with team members Sabrina Keese, Stefan Keese and Kristin Lindemeier (8th grade)

“Trikarus” with team members Celia Viermann of Englisches Institut Grammar School, Heidelberg, Jessica Jing Guo of Bunsen-Gymnasium Heidelberg and My Tra Dang of Mariengymnasium Jever (10th grade)

“Die neunte Hauptgruppe” of Georg-Büchner-Gymnasium Winnenden with team members Alexander Schlüter, Eddy-John Franziskus, Marcel Scherrmann and Faris Bidier (11th grade)

Around 7,000 pupils in 1,880 teams kicked off at this year’s competition, which went under the motto “Higher, faster, farther – there’s no such thing as sport without chemistry”. The pupils were from 12 to 17 years of age (grades 7 to 11) and came from 412 schools throughout Germany The strongest contingents came from the states North-Rhine-Westphalia, Lower Saxony, Rhineland Palatinate, Saxony, Bavaria and Hesse.

230 teams with around 850 pupils made it to the final round. To get that far meant teamwork and endurance over a period of four months. In the first eight rounds the teams answered questions via the Internet on, for instance, footballs made of polyurethane, high-tech materials for sports equipment, sports medicine, and drugs, in order to get into the final round. In the subsequent experimental round they determined the energy content of various foods in home-made calorimeters and imitated the production of plastic foams using sugar foam.

“It has been quite an experience to see how enthusiastically the teams have been exploring chemistry and technology and discovering the connections between chemistry and products we have come to take for granted. What’s more, they have worked independently on completely new subject matter. What better encouragement than this to continue our activities for next-generation scientists”, commented Prof. Gerhard Kreysa, Chief Executive of DECHEMA.

Besides the three winning teams, the next 29 teams (totalling around 100 pupils) received certificates, book prizes and magazine subscriptions for being best of their year. Wiley-VCH publishing house kindly supported the awards by contributing books from the series “Erlebnis Wissenschaft” and Konradin-Verlag by donating subscriptions to the magazines “Bild der Wissenschaft” and “Natur und Kosmos”.

In addition to a variety of other activities it runs for pupils, DECHEMA organized this year’s Pupils’ Competition for the sixth time since the founding of the DECHEMAX Pupils’ Club in the year 1999. The seventh competition is set to start in October 2006.

At DECHEMA provides an information platform and contact forum for pupils who enjoy science and technology.


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