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Nov 20, 2006

European BioPerspectives 2007

  • What the future holds for biotechnology
  • Forum for European biotechnologists

"En Route to a Knowledge-Based Bio-Economy" is the theme of the upcoming European BioPerspectives to be held in Cologne in May 2007. To mark the German Presidency of the European Council, European BioPerspectives 2007 will open on 30 May with a special conference on this theme, featuring distinguished speakers. It is hosted by The German Federal Ministry of Education and Research, the Federal Ministry of Economics and Technology, and the European Commission. One of the highlights will be the public presentation of a ‘Cologne Paper’ on the perspectives of biotechnology in the next two decades.

The lecture programme, compiled by 18 professional societies, will span a wide range of topics: 1. Proteomics/Functional Genomics/Systems Biology, 2. Protein & RNA Engineering/Structural Biology/ Bioinformatics, 3. Molecular and Personalized Medicine, Nutrition, 4. Industrial Biotechnology, 5. Chemical Biology, 6. Plant Biotechnology/ Renewable Resources, 7. Nanobiotechnology. Another key theme at European BioPerspectives 2007 is technology transfer. Various industrial organizations and German “bioregions” are organizing a partnering event for academic research and industry, complemented by a series of lectures. The now traditional industrial exhibition, schools’ day and job exchange will round off the programme of European BioPerspectives 2007.

The venue of European BioPerspectives 2007 is the Congress Centre East on the Cologne faiground.

An outstanding scientific lecture programme is being drawn up by DECHEMA with the back-up of 18 major bioscience societies and biotech organisations:
AGD - Arbeitsgemeinschaft für Gen-Diagnostik e.V., ChemBioNet, DBU - Deutsche Bundesstiftung Umwelt, DECHEMA - Gesellschaft für Chemische Technik und Biotechnologie e.V., DGF - Deutsche Gesellschaft für Fettwissenschaft, DIB - Deutsche Industrievereinigung Biotechnologie, DGPF - Deutsche Gesellschaft für Proteomforschung e.V., EuropaBio - The European Association for Bioindustries, GBM - Gesellschaft für Biochemie und Molekularbiologie e.V., GDCh - Gesellschaft Deutscher Chemiker e.V., GTS - Gesellschaft für ökologische Technologie und Systemanalyse e.V., GVC/VDI - Gesellschaft Verfahrenstechnik und Chemieingenieurwesen, NGFN - Nationales Genomforschungsnetz, SKB - Schweizerischer Koordinationsausschuss für Biotechnologie, VAAM - Vereinigung für Allgemeine und Angewandte Mikrobiologie e.V., VBBM - Verbund biowissenschaftlicher und biomedizinischer Gesellschaften, VBU - Vereinigung deutscher Biotechnologie-Unternehmen, vdbiol - Verband deutscher Biologen und biowissenschaftlicher Fachgesellschaften e.V.

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