AchemAsia 2013 – Opening Press Conference, 13 May 2013


Statement Dr. Thomas Scheuring

CEO of DECHEMA Ausstellungs-GmbH



Ladies and Gentlemen,

The ninth edition of AchemAsia sets signals for South East Asia's process industry: Slightly larger with 418 exhibitors from 23 countries or regions than the previous event three years ago, AchemAsia is and remains the trend-setting platform for suppliers to China's chemical process industry.

Since our first event in 1989 - nearly 25 years ago - AchemAsia has become

  • the forum which fosters the exchange between Chinese and Western companies,
  • the meeting point for China's chemical engineering community,
  • and the communication hub to initiate investment decisions in the region's chemical process industry. 


Which developments can be seen at the commencing of this year's show? Remarkable already at first sight:

  • With 240 exhibitors from the PRC AchemAsia 2013 registers the largest Chinese exhibitor attendance ever.

Although being exhibition organizers from abroad, it never had been our approach to organize an event from foreigners for foreigners - we always had in mind our goal to hold AchemAsia as a platform for enterprises and attendees from the region, not just a stage for Western companies who aim to display their products to Chinese customers. We are therefore especially glad that for the first time the group of Chinese companies exhibiting at AchemAsia has surpassed the mark of 50%. We take this as a strong indication for the importance of our exhibition to domestic stakeholders, and we furthermore are convinced this development

  • gives proof of the excellent reputation AchemAsia has built up in China over the years - which is largely connected with the long-time cooperation with our Chinese partners, especially CIESC Chemical Industry and Engineering Society of China.
  • is also reflecting the changing positioning of foreign companies which are active on the Chinese market and hence have founded regional subsidiaries. These exhibitors then show up in our statistics, despite their international roots, as domestic exhibitors.

Independent from the strong domestic exhibitor appearance AchemAsia holds, with exhibitors from 23 countries or regions overall, the position of China's most international exhibition for the chemical process industry. Largest non-Chinese exhibiting nation is Germany with 90 exhibitors, followed by France with 17 exhibiting enterprises, whereby both groups are being organized in the form of government supported national pavilions.

Let me briefly give you an impression what to expect when browsing through the exhibition halls at AchemAsia 2013:

  • 418 exhibitors are keen to present their newest developments and innovative technologies on their booths to our audience - and to you of course who may want to share these innovations with your readers.
  • Main focus and largest exhibition group is chemical apparatus and plant construction, with 236 exhibitors indicating this as their major scope. This comprises basically any equipment you need when operating a chemical process in industrial scale.
  • Further significant exhibition groups are thermal and mechanical process technology (189 exhibitors), petrochemistry (218), pharmaceutical technology (183) and the environmental sector (116), the latter being complemented by water treatment technologies (135).
  • Additional target groups are food technology with 146 listings, agrochemistry (36) and biotechnology (68), all of which underline the ever increasing importance of the life science sector.   
  • Other topics such as laboratory techniques, maintenance, safety and quality assurance, pumps of all kinds or packaging technology round off the exhibition's scope - not to forget energy and resources development. This is where the process industry's know-how will be the key for ground-breaking future innovations.
  • The conference program follows a new concept yet still goes hand in hand with the exhibition. Several satellite symposia which are being organized independently by our Chinese partners take on current technological challenges, innovative concepts, and practice-oriented seminars.

Topics are the development of new resources to substitute petroleum(i), the reduction of air pollution (ii), process control and automation technology (iii), CO2 utilization (iv), industrial water treatment (v), separation technologies (vi), a joining and welding workshop (vii), and pharma engineering (viii).


I am sure AchemAsia 2013 has something on offer for each of you, and I wish you an inspiring, interesting and pleasant time here at Beijing's marvelous China National Convention Center.

Thank you very much for your kind attention.

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