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Jan 01, 1970

AchemAsia 2013 – Opening Press Conference, 13 May 2013


Statement Prof. Wagemann
President of DECHEMA e.V.


AchemAsia reflects more than two decades of Sino-German cooperation

  • AchemAsia exists for almost a quarter of a century, and it has developed in parallel with the economic and technological changes.
  • This development can be measured in numbers: In the 1997 ranking of German exports, China was number 18. In 2011, it was ranked the fifth-largest trade partner.
  • China and Germany are no longer interlinked only by trade, but also by investments and knowledge exchange.
  • German companies have been present in China for quite some time, and many of them have established large R&D centers in addition to production sites - a number of these companies can be found here at AchemAsia. The importance of China as a hub of innovation is steadily increasing - today the country is the global number 2 in R&D spending.
  • Investment is no longer unidirectional. While Chinese investment in Germany amounted to only 25 million US$ in 2003, last year it reached 626 million US$. Most of this was invested in medium-sized companies. The German Bertelsmann foundation recently published a study predicting Chinese investment will in Germany increase to 2 billion US$ annually by 2020.
  • There are, of course, questions and cultural differences that may cause frictions. While German companies are discussing how to distribute knowledge generation and production across their global locations, Chinese investors are facing the deeply-rooted cultural and economic specialties that make the German "Mittelstand", the medium-sized, often owner-managed companies the backbone of the German economy. The keys for successful cooperation are open-mindedness, communication and transparency, recommends the Bertelsmann study.
  • This new balance and partnership can also be found at AchemAsia: The congress programme is an impressive joint effort of a number of Chinese, German and international partners. Each of the satellite symposia has been organized by one society. The outcome is a diverse, highly relevant and very up-to-date programme that reflects the trends and challenges in process technology today.
  • One focus is on sustainability and efficiency:
    - Resources for the Substitution of Petroleum (CIESC)
    - Environmental Protection (CIESC)
    - Water Treatment (China Desalination Association)
  • Current technological issues in process technology are also covered
    - Process Analytics and Control Technology (China Instrument and Control Society)
    - Chemical Separation Technology Symposium (CNCIC and CIESC)
  • Two sessions have been organized by German partners:
    - Joining in Chemical Apparatus (DVS)
    - Chemical Processes and CO2-Utilization

Overall, the congress programme and the exhibition complement each other and create a comprehensive picture of the process industry today. This will set many impulses for further fruitful cooperations. 

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