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13th International Workshop on Polymer Reaction Engineering

Keynote Speakers

Confirmed Keynote Speakers (as of 29 April 2019)

Jose Maria Asua

Emulsion Polymerization: insights and solutions for a reaction engineering-resistant process
Jose Maria Asua, University of the Basque Country UPV/EHU/E

Robin A. Hutchinson

Measuring and Modeling the Pecularities of Radical Copolymerization

Robin A. Hutchinson, Queen's University, Kingston/CAN

Bo-Geng Li

Precise Control of Polymer Product Structures Based on Kinetic Study of Polymerization
Bo-Geng Li, Zhejiang University/PRC

Timothy F. L. McKenna

Condensing agents in ethylene polymerisation: It’s not just the heat!
Timothy F. L. McKenna, C2P2, CPE-Lyon/F

John Tsavalas

Network Topology Control in Radical Copolymerization
John Tsavalas, University of New Hampshire/USA

Olaf Wachsen

How the science of PRE is playing an important role in creating a sustainable world

Olaf Wachsen, Clariant/D

Hugo Vale

Polymer Reaction Engineering in the Age of Digitalization: Status and Outlook

Hugo Vale, BASF SE



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