Discussion Rounds @ EuroPACT

1. PAT@NOA – a concept to use vitality data for changing reactive maintenance to predictive maintenance?

The content of the PAT@NOA (NOA = NAMUR OPEN Architecture) concept is an automated provision of PAT vitality data as base for predictive maintenance and better process understanding. To achieve that, an intelligent maintenance demand signal for PAT equipment based on vitality data is key.  Automated real time condition monitoring of analytical field equipment leads to cheaper operation and maintenance of PAT equipment and less failures. By this the huge potential for cost savings can be leveraged and process understanding is improved.

 2. AI@PAT – can Artificial Intelligence contribute to a better process understanding using vitality data context wise from self-organizing PAT equipment?

Using vitality data is contributing to a game change from reactive maintenance to condition monitoring based predictive maintenance. In addition, the combination of vitality data of sensors being in a contextual relation in a process may contribute to a next level of process understanding and automated process control. This discussion shall create ideas how to clarify this with lighthouse projects.

 3. Circularity contribution through PAT – Discussing new measurement tasks

Production steps in the circular economy enabled through PAT sensors is an important topic for the future. The discussion is targeting for measurement tasks contributing for sustainable production in the future. Zero CO2, ecological footprint along the value chain and future contributions for environmental impact and circular economy are contents to be discussed.

 4. Miniaturization@PAT – Discussing new measurement tasks delivering added value

Miniaturization of sensor technology is a future trend which can be observed. Discussing new potential measurement tasks for miniaturized PAT sensor technologies delivering added value for the process industry should be executed in this session.


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