NanoPAT Workshop @ EuroPACT2021

NanoPAT Workshop @ EuroPACT, on Monday 15th November 2021 (13:00 - 16:00h CEST)

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Online real time characterisation solutions for nanoparticle solution
processes. NanoPAT aims to demonstrate 3 novel real-time nano-characterisation Process
Analytical Technologies (PAT) [(1) Photon Density Wave spectroscopy (PDW) , (2) OptoFluidic force induction (OF2i), (3) Turbidity spectrometry (TUS)], including real-time data handling for digital process monitoring and product quality control. Those will be validated in 5 different industrial ceramic, polymer and mineral nanoparticles manufacturing and converting environments.

Draft Agenda:
1. Introduction to NanoPAT [15min]
2. Training session on NanoPAT Process Analytical Technologies:
a. PDW [25 min Training + 25 min discussion and interactive session]
b. OF2i [25 min Training + 25 min discussion and interactive session]
c. TUS [25 min Training + 25 min discussion and interactive session]

NanoPAT is the acronym for “Process Analytical Technologies for Industrial Nanoparticle
Production”, a research project funded in the frame of EU Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme.
While bulk materials have constant physical properties independent of their size, the physical and chemical properties of a nanoparticle are dictated by its size. Accurate characterisation of mean size, size distribution and shape is key to the efficient manufacturing of high-quality nanomaterials. The EU-funded NanoPAT project plans to use three new real-time analytical tools that overcome problems and limitations of conventional characterisation technologies. The new process analytical technologies (PAT) will be photon density wave spectroscopy (PDW), optofluidic force induction (OF2i) and turbidity spectrometry (TUS). The innovative technologies will be combined with new data analysis methods to provide, for the first time, real-time analysis of particles on the nanometre scale with sub-minute temporal resolution.

The three novel complementary real-time in situ particle size characterisation technologies that are being further developed in NanoPAT NanoPAT has a very broad potential for monitoring the synthesis and conversion processes involving an infinite variety of NPs and media types. As a subset representative of this potential, NanoPAT will validate the combination of different nano-characterization technologies in five industrial case-studies, demonstrating the viability of the proposed PAT solutions for the industrial NPs production of polymers, silica, hydroxyapatite, zeolites and for the dispersion of ceramic NPs into coatings via electrodeposition method.
Overview of NanoPAT’s industrial case studies The 16 EU partners of this project are distributed across 8 European countries; the project has a duration of 48 months (June 2020 – May 2024). NanoPAT team consist of 16 EU partners which come from academia, industries (SMEs and large industry) and research organisations distributed across 8 European countries, bringing together solid scientific knowhow in the relevant fields and strong industrial and commercial involvement to ensure that the value chainof commercial actions can progress swiftly towards the introduction of new real-time solutions
for the monitoring of nanoparticle production processes.
This workshop will introduce the NanoPAT project as well as teach you the basics of our three real-time process analytical technologies. Join us to discuss your potential application cases for these techniques and interactively discuss solutions for your nanocharacterization questions.

This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and
innovation programme under grant agreement No 862583.




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