Enzymes for Industrial Applications

Thomas Purkarthofer, VTU Technology



 "The development of an efficient industrial enzyme is very challenging and many different parameters have to be addressed properly. Among these the ever increasing challenges associated with production costs play a pivotal role."



Thu 5 Feb 2015, 12:00:

Multifaceted and versatile toolkit for high-productivity protein production in Pichia pastoris

  • AOX1 promoter library for MeOH-induced and MeOH-free expression
  • Tunable, optimum protein expression
  • Helper factors coexpression
  • High throughput cultivation and screening facilitating lean development timelines



Thomas Purkarthofer is Head of Business Development at VTU Technology GmbH, a biotech company providing Pichia pastoris protein expression services. Thomas joined VTU in 2006 and engaged the start-up of the company´s new Protein Technologies Unit. He is responsible for the commercialization of VTU´s proprietary Pichia pastoris protein expression platform and global customer relations and is a member of VTU´s technology development team. Thomas received his Ph.D. in chemistry from Graz University of Technology being part of and managing several international industrial biotechnology R&D projects and is co-author of several peer-reviewed publications. In 2011, he was appointed authorized representative of VTU Technology.





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