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12th International Conference on the Fundamentals of Adsorption

Officers of the International Adsorption Society (IAS)

Minoru Miyahara Kyoto University/J           
Vice - President
Peter A. Monson                                                 University of Massachusetts, Amherst, MA/USA                                 
D. Siderius                                                                                                                             NIST - National Institute of Standards Technology, Gaithersburg, MD/USA                                                                        
Board of Directors
Theresa Bandosz                                 The City College of New York, NY/USA
José P. Barbosa Mota Universidade Nova de Lisboa/P
Gino V. Baron Vrije Universiteit Brussel/B
Philip Barrett Praxair Inc., Tonawanda, NY/USA
Jean-Pierre Bellat Institut Carnot de Bourgogne/F
Sofia Calero Universidad Sevilla/E
Frieder Dreisbach Rubotherm GmbH, Bochum/D
Farooq Shamsuzzaman
National University of Singapore/SGP
Xijun Hu Hong Kong University of Science and Technology/HK
Kent S. Knaebel Adsorption Research Inc., Dublin, OH/USA
Chang-Ha Lee Yonsei University/ROK
M. Douglas LeVan Vanderbilt University/USA
Akihiko Matsumoto Toyohashi University of Technology/Japan
Marco Mazzotti ETH Zurich/CH
Kazuyuki Nakai Bel Japan Inc./J
Roland Pellenq MIT/USA
P. Ravikovitch ExxonMobil, Annandale/USA
Andreas Seidel-Morgenstern MPI and University Magdeburg/D
Randall Q. Snurr Northwestern University Evanston/USA
Paul Webley University of Melbourne/AUS

Andrea Köhl
Telefon: +49 (0)69 7564-235
Telefax: +49 (0)69 7564-441

Andrea Köhl
Telefon: 069 / 75 64- 235
Telefax: 069 / 75 64- 441

Nina Weingärtner
Telefon: 069 / 75 64-125
Telefax: 069 / 75 64- 176

Dr. Richard Sass
Telefon: 069 / 75 64-244


International Adsorption Society

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