Invited Speaker

Metal-Organic Frameworks: Synthesis and Applications
Neil Champness, University of Nottingham/UK

Structure-Property Relationships in Metal-Organic Framework Materials
Tony Cheetham, University of Cambridge/UK

Synthetic pores for storage, catalysis and transport
Kimoon Kim, Pohang University/ROK

Solid-State Protonics in MOFs & SurMOFs
Hiroshi Kitagawa, Kyoto University/J

MOFS for catalysis: advantages and disadvantages when compared with inorganic molecular sieves
Avelino Corma, Universidad Politecnica de Valencia/E

Metal-organic Frameworks for Sustainability and Human Health
Wenbin Lin, University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill, NC/USA

Combining modeling and experiments to develop MOFs for large-scale gas separations applications
David Sholl, Georgia Institute of Technology, Atlanta, GA/USA





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