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Hans-Jürgen Förster


Dr. Hans-Jürgen Förster
EUT GmbH, Eilenburg, Germany


 "The integration of electrolysis processes into highly automated production lines
create special requirements for the electrolysis process as such as well as for the quality
of used materials."



Born in 1951, 1970 - 1975 study of organic chemistry at University of Odessa (Ukraine). 1985 Ph.D. at Ukraine Academy of Science on biological active crownether compounds. 1975 - 1989 Chemiekombinat Bitterfeld (GDR) R&D on textile dyestuffs and pharmaceutical precursors.1990 - 1994 Chemie AG Bitterfeld head of Department of Strategic Planning. 1994 - 2000 Managing director of the small enterprise Triton focussed on soil remediation by biochemical processes, since 2001 Managing director EUT. 


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