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Thorsten Matthée

Dr. Thorsten Matthée, CTO_Broschuere_WEB.jpg

Dr. Thorsten Matthée
CONDIAS GmbH, Itzehoe / Germany


"Diamond electrodes allow for new electrochemical processes that will contribute to
environmental risk reduction, reduce future microbiological threads
and allow for simplified synthesis."



PhD on superconductors at the SIEMENS research labs Erlangen in cooperation with the University of Augsburg. Project manager and Group Manager at Fraunhofer IST, Braunschweig working on diamond coatings, optical coatings and electrical coatings. Founder of the company CONDIAS GmbH in 2001, establishing CONDIAS as a producer of diamond coatings by Chemical Vapor Deposition for diamond electrodes. Since 2012 responsible as the Chief Technical Officer of CONDIAS GmbH.



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