PRAXISforum Lab of the Future

3 - 4 September 2019 DECHEMA-Haus, Frankfurt/Main

What is the current state of the art in the laboratory? And what will lab work look like in the future? One thing is certain: Laboratories as well as the work in them are changing. Digitization and automation are driving the development and evolution of the laboratory workspace.

The DECHEMA-PRAXISforum Lab of the Future explores how workflows and processes can be improved and optimized by combining hardware with data streams.

The laboratory is the central hub for research and development, analytics and quality assurance or research and development – essential processes for any company in chemical, biotechnological pharmaceutical or food production

Meet large-scale industry and SME delegates from international market leaders, high profile end-users and solution providers from all over the world at the DECHEMA-PRAXISforum in Frankfurt. Learn about new developments and trends in the laboratory sector and discuss laboratory innovations that can accelerate workflows and improve productivity across the entire company.

PRAXISforum Key Questions

What the PRAXISforum is about

  • By industry, for industry - PRAXISforum reveals market opportunities and promotes development in the fields of equipment, workflow optimization, digitization and automation in laboratories.
  • Networking platform - PRAXISforum brings together international market leaders, high profile end users and experts from all relevant industries.
  • High-level speakers - Best Practices presentations and Lessons Learned from speakers at decision maker level. Technological background is presented along with information relevant to end users.
  • Relevance to applications - PRAXISforum provides visitors with an overview of innovations for their highly specific requirements in everyday practice.

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