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International Conference on Micro Reaction Technology - IMRET 2018


On 24th October, right after the conference programme, you can participate in one of three excursions. These excursions are free of any charges for participants of IMRET 2018.

Please register for one of these three excursions online until 12 October at the latest.

Excursion 1: Fraunhofer Institute for Microengineering and Microsystems in Mainz

Start: 13:00
End: 17:00

Transfer duration: 2h by bus from the conference site
- transfer back to Karlsruhe main station (via Frankfurt Airport) will be provided

You will see continuous processes in action including:

  • Electrochemical organic synthesis
  • Chain-growth polymerization
  • Photochemical applications
  • Encapsulation of active ingredients

Five good reasons to visit Fraunhofer IMM in Mainz:

  • See live demonstrations of lab and pilot scale set-ups in the field of continuous liquid phase processing
  • Find out how to speed-up process development and multi-step organic synthesis while taking care of environmental aspects
  • Discover solutions for inline monitoring and process control, reactive intermediate formation and consumption
  • Learn about future chemical production concepts based on a container-format Approach
  • Discuss your challenges with our experts

Maximum capacity: 50 participants

This excursion is organized by Fraunhofer Institute for Microengineering and Microsystems in Mainz.

Contact: Tobias Hang, Fraunhofer IMM

Phone: +49 6131 990 366 Email:

Online Registration

Excursion 2: Microfluidic und Micro Reaction Technology at BASF

Start: 13:00
End: 16:30

Transfer duration: 1h by bus from the conference site
 - transfer back to Karlsruhe main station after the visit will be provided

This is, what you will see at BASF:

  • Microfluidics lab for early stage screening
  • Micro-reaction technology lab for process development

Note: Both visits will include a presentation, lab-tour and discussion.


Maximum capacity: 45 participants. This excursion is already fully booked
This excursion is organized by BASF in Ludwigshafen.

Dr. Christian Holtze, BASF SE

Phone: +49 621 60-48318, Email:


Excursion 3: Institute for Micro Process Engineering at KIT Campus North

Start: 13:30
End: 15:30

Transfer duration: 20 minutes by bus from the conference site
- transfer back to Karlsruhe main station after the visit will be provided

The lab tour at the institute including the micro fabrication center will show

  • mechanical micro machining
  • diffusion bonding
  • laser welding
  • 3D printing of metals
  • various coating technologies
  • characterisation methods for materials and coatings
  • selected application labs

Moreover we offer a visit to the Energy Lab 2.0 site at KIT Campus North. There are modular microstructured reactors for methanation and Fischer-Tropsch synthesis developed by KIT together with INERATEC are going be tested in a scale of around 50 m3/h (STP) gas throughput.

Maximum capacity: 50 participants 

This excursion is organized by Karlsruhe Institute of Technology.

Dr. Katja Haas-Santo, Karlsruhe Institute of Technology
Phone: +49 721-608 26655, Email:



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