ACHEMA Innovation Challenge for the digitalization of the process industry

2020-12-07 | Frankfurt

Who will revolutionize the chemical, pharmaceutical and food industries through the innovative use of digital methods? At the ACHEMA Innovation Challenge young researchers and developers have the chance to convince industry experts with their answers to industry-related questions. Pre-registration is now open.

Digital methods are finding their way everywhere in industry - but "digitalization" still often stands for a buzzword rather than a concrete solution. The ACHEMA Innovation Challenge is different: Here, the aim is to use digital approaches to solve very specific challenges from the real world.

Students, young professionals and start-ups as well as university working groups have the opportunity to test their ideas and skills on industrial issues.

Registration is now open. Teams of 3-5 people can register and will receive one or the other piece of information in advance until the exact questions are revealed. Individuals can also register; the organizers will arrange contacts with other interested parties. In March 2021, the concrete questions will be presented in a virtual kick-off meeting and the starting signal for processing will be given. In the course of spring, the teams will have the opportunity to discuss their ideas and approaches with industry experts. A jury selects the most convincing approaches. The teams will then present these to representatives of the international process industry at ACHEMA Pulse on June 15 and 16, 2021.

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