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Jun 04, 2007

Top Marks for AchemAsia 2007

  • 22 % more exhibitors, 37% larger exhibition area, highly professional visitors
  • Exhibitors confirm outstanding contacts
  • China’s process industries focus on international competition

The hallmarks of this year’s AchemAsia - International Exhibition Congress on Chemical Engineering and Biotechnology, which took place in Beijing/PR China from 14 to 18 May, were a tangible air of optimism, high professionalism and excellent contacts. The figures reached an all-time high: 505 exhibitors from 27 different countries on 8,800 m2 net exhibition area. Exhibitors and visitors alike were full of praise for the success of this AchemAsia which further consolidated its position as Asia’s most comprehensive event for the chemical process industries. Its international character puts all comparable events in Asia in the shade.

The exhibition profile of AchemAsia targets the priorities of the Chinese economy. Target groups are all branches that supply or apply equipment, technologies, complete problem solutions and know-how for the chemical and petrochemical industries, the pharma and food industries, biotechnology, the environmental protection industry and related sectors of the process industries.

The main thrust of the exhibitors’ presentations were investment goods and new developments for the areas of food and pharmaceutical technology environmental protection, water technologies, biotechnology, agrochemistry, laboratory and analytical technology.

There were many ‘firsts’ at AchemAsia 2007. For the first time the number of exhibitors passed the 500 mark, representing an increase of 22% (2004: 414 exhibitors). The countries with the largest contingents of exhibitors were China (239 exhibitors); followed by Germany (131), Great Britain (20), the USA (20), France (18) and Italy (12). A further ‘first’ was the exhibitors representing the Russian Federation and Slovakia. Of the Chinese exhibitors around one third were international companies that are meanwhile based in China with joint ventures or their fully foreign-owned companies. This highlights the scale of international companies’ involvement in the Chinese economy.

Although the hall area was extended to five halls with 8,800 m2 net exhibition area (+37% over 2004) it was not possible to fulfil all exhibitors’ requests for stand space. For AchemAsia 2010, therefore, hall capacity will again be increased. Gratifyingly, the trend towards larger exhibition areas ran counter to the international trend. The renewed increase in quality of the Chinese presentations demonstrates that China’s process industries are focusing on international competition.

Excellent visitors, good contacts, tangible optimism

With 13,305 visitors at the exhibition, AchemAsia 2007 topped the previous event (comparable figures for 2004: 10,964). The total number of all visitors, including congress participants and participants of the exhibitors, was around 16,048. Due to a new electronic counting system, the figures are not quite compatible with those of earlier events as the system does not allow for multiple entries by visitors and congress participants.

In the main the visitors were decision-makers and highly qualified professionals. Numerous CEOs and managers made use of the opportunity for networking and initiating business deals. The range of visitors was clearly more international than at previous events; significant numbers of visitors from other Asian countries were recorded. High-ranking business delegations came from Germany, India, South Korea, Japan and Indonesia, among other countries. From India alone there were over 150 participants. This time, too, Chinese visitors were not only from Greater Beijing, but far more were from the region of Shanghai and other Chinese industrial centres.

AchemAsia’s importance for the Chinese economy

“China is on the way to becoming a high-tech country and thus depends on cutting-edge technologies, economic efficiency and environmental protection. This requires a dialogue and close cooperation with international companies”, stated Prof. Cao Xianghong, President of CIESC (Chemical Industry and Engineering Society of China) on the occasion of the opening ceremony of the 7th AchemAsia which was held in the presence of high-ranking representatives from politics and industry.

“AchemAsia is the biggest international exhibition for the process industries in China and as such provides a suitable platform for the exchange of ideas and experience”, Dr. Alfred Oberholz, Chairman of DECHEMA (Society for Chemical Engineering and Biotechnology), stated in his opening speech. The high number of exhibitors from 27 countries illustrated how positively the process industries in China and Asia are developing. In his talks with Madame Gu Xiulian, Vice-Chairman of the Standing Committee of the National People’s Congress of PR China and former Minister for the Chemical Industry, it was very apparent that in Asia, too, the greatest challenges were a sustainable economy and a considerable reduction of greenhouse impacts. Oberholz emphasized that AchemAsia provided abundant solutions from a scientific and technological point of view.

According to Mme. Gu, chemistry plays a vital role in all industrial sectors of China; as one of the basic technologies of the country its development is a priority. In the case of new projects China attributes the utmost importance to innovative technologies, resource savings and environmental protection. Cooperation with the companies and countries represented at Achem-Asia is of paramount interest.

Congress programme and partnering events well received

The international Congress programme with seven plenary lectures by distinguished speakers and around 100 further overview lectures and exhibitor presentations provided an excellent platform for the exchange of ideas and experience of the 2,960 participants of the lecture programme. The major themes were oriented on China’s economic priority areas, such as biorefineries and synfuels, new technologies for sustainable water management, chemical process engineering and bioprocess engineering as well as pharmaceutical technologies, and were very well received.

The German delegation, organized by the AiF (German Federation of Industrial Cooperative Research Associations) and VBU (Association of German Biotechnology Companies) on behalf of the German Federal Ministry of Economics and Technology, also received a strong impression of the booming Chinese life science branch. China is already only second to Japan as the greatest biotechnology market in Asia. Besides the Partnering Event at AchemAsia, the aim of the delegation was, among other things, to visit the Chinese biotech centres in Peking and Shanghai.

Organizer cooperates with many partners

Today more than ever before China is a global hot spot for the chemical process industry. With annual growth rates well over 10% this industrial sector takes a key place in the country’s value added chain. Bioindustry is also set to become the motor of the Chinese economy. Professor Gerhard Kreysa, Chief Executive of DECHEMA, summarized the impact of AchemAsia: “Given these facts, our long-term commitment in China and the organization of AchemAsia since 1989 based on the ACHEMA in Frankfurt am Main provide an ideal platform for the international equipment branches to consolidate their contacts in the rapidly developing Chinese economic region”.

DECHEMA, based in Frankfurt am Main, can now look back on almost 20 years’ experience of organizing AchemAsia. “A reliable network with the Chinese professional community and good personal relationships are the guarantee for the continuous positive development of Achem-Asia”, Kreysa stressed. “Close cooperation with the Chinese and international partners is a vital factor when preparing AchemAsia. The Chemical Industry and Engineering Society of China as co-organizer and more than 30 other organization from Asia and the whole world have made a vital contribution to the success of AchemAsia 2007.”

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