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Jahrestreffen Reaktionstechnik 2019 gemeinsam mit der Fachgruppe Mehrphasenströmungen

Conference Programme

We are proud to announce our plenary lectures 2019:

  • Energetic efficiency of drop breakup and mass transfer accompanied by chemical reactions in liquid-liquid systems
    Prof. Jerzy Baldyga, Warsaw University of Technology
  • Solid oxide steam-CO2 co-electrolysis: from theoretical analysis to the cell design aspects
    Prof. Karel Bouzek, University of Chemistry and Technology Prague
  • Contribution of reaction engineering to the long-term reduction of CO2- emissions by process innovation
    Dr. Kai Ehrhardt, BASF SE
  • Micro- and macrokinetics in electrochemical cells
    Prof. Ulrike Krewer, University of Technology Braunschweig

Please find here the full conference programme as PDF-file:

Programme Brochure

The conference programme is also available as online version:

Lecture Programme
Poster Programme

These are the topics in 2019:

  • Multiphase Flow
  • Electrochemical Reaction Engineering
  • In-situ Monitoring
  • Kinetics
  • Heterogeneous Catalysis
  • New Reactor Concepts
  • Modelling and Simulation
  • Processes
  • Miscellaneous




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