Themes and Projects

Following topics and projects are coordinated by the group research- and project coordination.
For further information (including questions on research funding in the named areas), please send us an E-Mail
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Coal refinement CO 2 -Use utilisation High Throughput Technologies

Dr. Florian Ausfelder

Climate Protection Micro Process Engineering Process Intensification

Dr. Alexis Bazzanella

Alternative Solvents Chemical Energy Research Catalysis

Dr. Dana Demtröder

Sustainable Chemistry  Safety aspects of Chemical Nanotechnology   Start-up Enterprises in Chemistry  Formulation Technologies Future Research and Innovation Management

Dr. Andreas Förster

Dr. Silke Megelski -384 und
Nicole Seehaas  -145 

Renewable Feedstocks Bodenschutz  Natural Attenuation 
Biologische Bodenbehandlung und Altlastensanierung  Bioreffineries

Dr. Jochen Michels

Safety Engineering

Dr. Kostas Mitropetros

High Pressure Technology Phytoextraction

  Dr. Leo Nick

Nanotechnology Chemical Nanotechnology 

  Dr. Christoph Steinbach

Water-/Wastewatertechnology  Air Pollutin control Technology Verification
Ground and groundwater  Landmanagement  River Basin Management

Dr. Thomas Track


  • INTENANT - INTegrated synthesis and purification of single ENANTiomers Homepage    
    Funded by the 7 th European Framework Programme
    Contact Person:  Dr. Steinbach
  • Lignocellulose-Bioraffinerie
    Funded by the Fachagentur für Nachwachsende Rohstoffe
    Contact Person: Dr. Michels
  • NanoCare - Wissenserzeugung und Wissenstransfer gesundheitsrelevanter Erkenntnisse zu Nanomaterialien   Homepage
    Schaffung einer allgemeinen Informations- und Wissensbasis als Grundlage für eine innovative Materialforschung
    Funded by the Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF)
    Contact Person: Dr. Förster,  Dr. Steinbach
  • RISKBASE - Integrated Risk Base Management of the Water - Sediment-Soil System at River Basin Scale Homepage
    Funded By the 6 th European Framework Programme
    Contact Person: Dr. Track
  • TOPCOMBI - Towards Optimised Chemical Processes and New Materials by Combinatorial Science Homepage
    Funded by the 6 th European Framework Programme
    Contact Person: Dr. Förster   Dr. Ausfelder
  • µVTGuide - Leitfaden industrielle Nutzung der Mikroverfahrenstechnik Homepage
    Funded by the Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF)
    Contact Person: Dr. Bazzanella , Dr. Mitropetros


  • NanoBioRAISE - Nanobiotechnology: Responsible Action on Issues in Society and Ethics    Homepage
    Contact Person:  Dr. Steinbach
  • PROMOTE - Efficiency control and verification of improved remediation and monitoring approaches for soil-groundwater systems   Homepage
    Contact Peson: Dr. Track


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