From the inventory of a cell by –omics to synthetic biology, from strain development to industrial biotechnological processes including downstream processing

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  • Eco-IP Partnership for Driving Innovation in the Sector of Bio-based Products

    The BIOCHEM project, which started on 1 February 2010, supports companies, and especially SMEs, to enter the emerging and highly promising market for bio-based products in the chemical sector. Bio-based products are made from renewable, biological raw materials such as plants and trees. They are typically sold on into market sectors such as bio-plastics, bio-lubricants, surfactants, enzymes and pharmaceuticals. Bio-based products represent economic, environmental and societal benefits. Bio-based products also constitute one of Europe's six "Lead Markets";.

  • En Route to the Knowledge-Based Bio-Economy - Cologne-Paper

    Renowned experts from academia and industry were invited to contribute to an expert paper which outlines the perspectives of a KBBE within the next 20 years. The resulting so-called 'Cologne Paper' was published on 30 May 2007 in Cologne on behalf of the German Presidency of the Council of the European Union.

  • Chemical Biology

    (Information in Deutsch: Gemeinsame Fachgruppe Chemische Biologie ) Joint Working Group Chemical Biology The elucidation and modulation of...

  • Biochemical Engineering

    The working group “Biochemical Engineering“ focuses on the biotechnological production of fine and bulk chemicals as well as biopharmaceuticals...

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