Bioflavour 2015

9 - 11 September 2015
DECHEMA-Haus, Frankfurt am Main

Bioflavour 2015 - International Conference on Flavour and Fragrance Biotechnology

Programme available as pdf file (714 KB).


At Bioflavour 2015 scientists from all around the world discuss cutting-edge bioflavour research, academic and industrial alike. Picking up the tradition of the Bioflavour conferences of the 1980s to 90s in the era of modern biotechnology, we cordially invite you to re-establish the bioflavour “family meeting” on a regular basis every three years.

Topics range from functional characterisation and metabolic engineering of flavour and fragrance (F&F) biosynthesis to microbial cell factories and bioprocessing for F&F production to olfaction and receptors.

With the advent of modern biotechnology, including systems biology, metabolic and enzyme engineering and the use of omics technologies, functional characterisation of genes, proteins and metabolites involved in F&F biosynthesis has become more and more sophisticated. This knowledge can be harnessed in multiple ways: e.g. for improving product yields in plants, intensifying the aroma during food and beverage fermentations or developing tailored microbial cell factories for the production of specific F&F compounds. Furthermore, expanding knowledge about the biology of olfaction and receptors leads to new strategies in F&F research and application. Complementary to the biological aspects, process engineering is equally important to improve existing or to establish completely new technical approaches and industrial bioprocesses.

Finally, the recognised shift towards a bioeconomy and the push in the chemical industry to develop green and sustainable processes confirm the strategic importance of biotechnology. In this context, biotechnology is recognised as providing the tools and expertise to establish sustainable production routes starting from renewable resources rather than relying on fossil fuel sources.

Looking very much forward to an inspiring conference in Frankfurt in September 2015.
On behalf of the Scientific Committee, Jens Schrader

The Bioflavour 2015 programme will be jointly organised by DECHEMA Research Institute and DECHEMA Society for Chemical Engineering and Biotechnology.

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